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End of the season

The community gardening season is finally over. We had our last community clean up on Sunday. There has been some conflict within the group, which clouded the last few months as well as our final community day. At the same time there were many in good spirits. After we finished our community work, we checked on our gardens. It was really beautiful out, and in my haste to get to the gardens on time, I forgot to bring my camera.

This was the first time I’d been to the garden in at least two weeks. The kale that I had planted has not come up at all and only some collards are growing. I put down a lot of seeds so I don’t think I’m going to waste any more. Daytime temperatures, on average, have been in the mid-teens these past few weeks and we have gotten a lot of rain so I’m really surprised that more plants didn’t germinate. On a previous visit to the garden I harvested quite a few good sized nasturtium seeds. I did a quick check of the plant to make sure I’d gotten all the seeds and then I pulled it up. All the leaves and flowers had already died off.

Lots of nasturium and garlic chive seeds

I picked off the last heads of garlic chive seeds. I gave away a head to my neighbours to the north (as well as a few nasturium seeds). I have so many garlic chives seeds it’s unbelieveable. My dark opal basil died off so I pulled up the plants. I still have quite a few lemon and sweet basil seeds left.

By the end of the day, I was left in such positive spirits about the gardens. By the time next season rolls around, I’ll be commuting out of the city for a new job. I’m not sure I’ll have the time to commit to the community gardens. I’m thinking of renting out the space to another gardener for the season and I already have a taker, but I feel as though I would really miss not being able to garden! What am I going to do with all the seeds I’ve obsessively been gathering?! At least I have the winter to think about it.

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Brrrr!: As in, temperatures are cooling. October 6th was supposed to be the first frost of the season. I threw down some kale and collard seeds last week in the hopes that maybe they might germinate before it gets too cold, but I haven’t been back to check on them yet.

On Sunday, I made black bean and butternut squash burritos from the Oh She Glows blog that I follow (through her Facebook page actually). I shared the recipe with a friend on Facebook. We were supposed to make it on the same day and share our stories, but she made it before I did so my story comes later :).

I followed the recipe closely, except as usual I just shake in the spices rather than measuring them out, I didn’t cover the squash while baking, and I used cheddar cheese and red pepper because that’s what I had at home.

Just salt and pepper with a little bit of olive oil – so good!

I chose to use a red onion because the recipe called for a sweet onion. I was thinking “red onions are sweet” rather than “if we’re supposed to use red onions, the recipe would have called for red onions!” The next time I make this I will use a regular cooking onion. They become sweet once cooked.


I boiled the beans and the rice separately and then mixed everything together in the pan according to the recipe.

Ready for the squash

All done!

I used Ezekiel sprouted tortillas which I bought at Tutti Fruitti in Kensington Market. I liked the fact that it was made entirely of sprouted grains! No oil, and most importantly, no artificial crap. Added some avocado, salsa,  extra butternut squash and cheese and called it a wrap!

Time to wrap!


It turned out pretty good! I would definitely make this recipe again. It was easy to follow with a reasonable amount of steps. I was absolutely shocked at how good the butternut squash was with just salt and pepper and a bit of olive oil! I’ve been making soup and using a maple syrup coated recipe when I make butternut squash so it was nice to be reminded of the simplicity of good old salt and pepper.  Definitely a keeper!

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