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Where are you already?!

I’m just saying what every other Tdot-er (or anyone else is Southern Ontario) is thinking: spring, hurry up and get here already!

We’ve been tempted with warm weather only to have sub-zero temperatures return (well technically, it’s sub-zero windchills – it’s 2 degrees with a windchill of minus 5 right now). There is nothing more deceptive than a super sunny spring day… only to step outside and find it’s freezing cold, and even worse,  flurrying! I completely understand what my colleague has been saying about the wacky weather that March brings (I tend to forget what happens year after year). It’s time for April to bring us something better. I’m ready to retire my winter jacket.

Although winter has provided some beautiful snowy scenery, it's time to move on...

Although winter has provided some beautiful snowy scenery, it’s time to see what spring has to offer…

Now that I’ve had my mini-freakout, I can return to thinking about what lies ahead in my gardening future.

I’ve officially given up my plot for the season to my trusty neighbour-to-the-north, wishing him many thanks and much success with the space. He promises to keep me up to date on how things go with the plot (and our gardening community) and to  return it in good shape next season. Now I can turn my sights toward my aunt’s back yard in Hamilton. Although we haven’t worked out the details, my uncle promises me a space. There’s also been talk of a greenhouse going up. We shall see. In the meantime, I’m thinking about awesome things I can grow in pots back there (I hope they won’t mind):

Growing ginger:

Growing horseradish:

Mini herb fairy gardens:

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