Ask and ye shall receive

I tend to get a little obsessed with things. Like when I see a plant I like, I can’t stop thinking about how I can acquire it by any means necessary. Like the giant snake plant I saw at offsite meeting several months ago. How could I sneak home a cutting without anyone noticing? I decided not to chance it; didn’t want to make a bad impression on people I’d just met.

I was walking home one day in May and very near my home I spotted a recent obsession, a pilea peperomioides! This plant had been coveted by many people on several of the Facebook groups I followed so I was excited to see one right in my neighbourhood.

IMG_20170525_193530 dgt.jpg

And most importantly, it had babies!!!

IMG_20170525_193542 dgt

Babies hiding underneath the mother plant. And a leaf breaking off.

Problem was it was in the window of what looked like a place of business, but there was no information about the business or opening hours.

Sometime later I was taking the bus in to work than usual and I noticed someone walking around in the office. Perfect!, I thought. I would muster up the courage to ask for a baby. I’m pretty shy so this was a big step for me. And you know what? I was successful! The lady was nice enough to open the door when I knocked. I told her I’d been walking by when I saw the plant and asked if she’d be willing to part with a baby; she gave me two.

IMG_7483 dgt

The leaf from the mother plant fell off. She was going to throw it out but I said I would take it, even though I’d read the best propagation method was root division

I gave one to my garden friend and she was nice enough to pot it for me.

IMG_7556 dgt.jpg

I haven’t found the perfect place for it at my home yet. It didn’t seem too happy on the west-facing windowsill and it still remains a bit droopy on my plant table near the less-bright east-facing window, which has a tree in full bloom in front of it at present. I hope it will find it’s way and make some babies in the near future.


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