Tillandsia in full bloom

I’ve been checking every day since I last posted. Morning and evening to see it’s progress.

IMG_8022 dgt

First bloom

IMG_8066 dgt

Two blooms about a day later

IMG_8068 dgt

Interesting to examine the different parts of the flower up close. Had to think back to grade 10 science class. Could only remember the stamen but in the end had to look up which parts were which (pistel white, stamen yellow)

Finally all 3 flowers were in bloom yesterday.

IMG_8070 dgt

So glad I got to capture it in full glory

Today the blooms are already fading.

IMG_8085 dgt.jpg

I was very sad to read that they only bloom once in their life-cycle! But I guess the good news is that it will start to make pups!! Really looking forward to that.


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