Alien invasion!

I guess my “ask and ye shall receive” luck started with this weird plant I saw in my colleagues office one day. He was helping me pretty-up a poster in Powerpoint that would be going to the printers. I went in to have a discussion and my eyes caught this beauty!

work plants 001 dgt

Absolutely love the pot!

I was so enamoured that I asked if I could have a cutting. He said yes, if I could figure out how to do it. So I posted it on a FB gardening group asking for an ID and how to propagate it; found out it was a peanut cactus and I could propagate by root divisions or just by snapping off a piece and sticking it in the soil.

work plants 002 dgt

These guys sticking out can be plucked off and stuck in the soil.

work plants 003 dgt

Ripe with babies below. I separated them by root division.

When I finally did separate it (I used both methods), I was surprised by how short the roots were. The plant was literally sitting on top of the soil and it was at least 3 years old.

IMG_7491 dgt

I tossed the two brown ones on the left. Growing some at home as well as in my office.

I potted a small one for his office mate who thought the plant was just too weird, like space creature (I thought she needed to learn to appreciate its beauty). She likes it now, nice and stubby, but it has yet to reach its creepy fingers in her direction. Good thing it’s a slow grower.



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