Have you ordered seeds online?

I don’t usually order seeds online but I really wanted a desert rose. I was seeing so many beautiful ones being posted on my Facebook gardening groups that I started looking into where I could get one of my own.

I discovered they would be available in Ontario in April, but I haven’t seen any in the flower shops that I go to and I asked at my local and they don’t get them. So I asked my friend who was putting in an order on Amazon to add it for me.

They arrived last week and now I’m a bit nervous that they won’t germinate. I think this stems from the fact that my friend ordered them for me, forged payment, and I promised her one of plants . The seller had a perfect germination rate until recently (I was nervous before I read this). Hope that’s not a bad sign.

IMG_8102 dgt

It only took a couple of weeks to arrive. I expected it in August.

IMG_8103 dgt

Feeling excited that I got an extra seed (the site promised 8).

I’ve started watching a few videos and reading a few articles. Both reinforced that the key to successful germination is using fresh seeds. So I should plant them asap.


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