Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday month!

I decided that I would celebrate my birthday all month, instead of just the actual day. It was an opportunity to meet up with friends and enjoy their company and to treat myself all month long. Not only with “things”, like $7 bars of handmade soap, but also with some of the true self-care stuff described in this article. After all, months like November and the rest of winter are all about self-reflection and introspection.

On the treat side, I bought myself a red amaryllis last week. I consider it a treat because $10 is a bit expensive (for some reason I thought I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere), but I wanted it. I was given what I later discovered was a white amaryllis last year, but I didn’t have a red one. It was the only one that had two flower heads, another selling point.

The fact that the entire bulb was buried in the soil was concerning. I was worried about rot. 

I’m really glad I decided to repot it. When I took it out of its growing medium, most of the roots were soft and rotted; they came off easily.

The bulb seemed in pretty good shape. Firm and dry.

Thankfully, one good root remained (right). I’m hoping the other 3 are still OK. They don’t look as healthy.

Many rotted roots. Such a shame.

Repotted with a third of the bulb above fresh soil.

I’m hoping it will bloom soon.  I’ve been thinking about the pink one I saw at the same store. It only had one flower head, but pink!. It’s still a few more days before my birthday month is over…

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  1. Lytrice Hood

    this is so interesting! All your plant adventures. This is what I call ‘
    ‘hands-on’ .

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