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Rooted thanksgiving cactus makes new baby!!!

I know I’m probably speaking too soon, but I feel as though I’ve finally mastered the thanksgiving cactus.

Since learning that soaking once a month, at least during the summer months, will keep the leaves nice a plump, I’ve been feeling pretty confident about my ability to care for them. I took two leaves with roots from my plant and planted them, and one is starting to make a new leaf!

IMG_0191 copy.jpg

I’m so excited to see this new leaf growing!

It shares a small pot with a desert rose seedling. I’ve been spraying the cactus with water every week day and watering the desert rose once a week, so the cactus does get water too. I was worried about the leaf rotting if I watered it, even though it had roots. I remember reading that it’s OK to start watering when a new leaf starts to form so I guess there’s no need to worry anymore.


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New succulent babies

I treated myself to some new succulents this past month.

First, Ledebouria Socialis from GrowSomething . Apparently it’s also called Leopard Lily or Silver Squill and it’s native to South Africa. I was attracted to the interesting pattern on the leaves. It had a flower spike. I didn’t think much about it, just put it by my window at work, and then gasped when I noticed the tiny flowers.

IMG_0135 copy.jpg

The stem was fully upright when I bought it. I guess the weight of the flowers made it fall over

IMG_0134 copy.jpg

Check out these delicate flowers. Beautiful!

IMG_0136 copy.jpg

You can see the leopard spots better at this angle.  

I also picked up a variegated jade from Tiny Flower. Again, the striking leaves caught my eye among the standard succulents. I accidentally broke off the top taking it home but it still looks good. I took the broken tops and I’m trying to start new plants for my sister who, although not a fan of plants, seems to love jades.

IMG_0007 copy.jpg

Love the contrast between the pink stems and the green and white leaves. Just beautiful!

IMG_0008 copy.jpg


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Caterpillar update

I’ve been hoping to follow my caterpillars through more life stages this year but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I’ve only managed to catch them at egg and first instar stages.

Last month after I saw my caterpillars in first instar and then disappear altogether, I wondered if predators got them. And then I regretted planting so much dill. I thought it would go to waste, but instead it bolted in the heat. I was surprised to see that it still attracts swallowtails to lay their eggs. My small plot that once had 4 caterpillars now has at least 8, and my large plot has a few as well.

swallow1 copy.jpg

Two caterpillars (and shed skin?) among dill flowers in my large plot

swallow2 copy.jpg

Another caterpillar. Flowers will form into seeds soon.

swallow3 copy.jpg

I lover the contrast between the tiny yellow flowers, green stems and black caterpilar (and my fingers and calendula in the background)

After planting all that butterfly weed, I still haven’t seen any butterflies on it. I check under leaves and along stems for evidence of caterpillars, no luck. I have seen a few bees on it so I guess it’s a good thing I planted it.

IMG_0067 copy.jpg

I think this butterfly weed is a stunning. Look at those flowers!

IMG_9972 copy.jpg

At least the spiders like them

I did manage to spot a swallowtail butterfly in the garden last week, hovering over red clover running rampant in the grass. I guess my milkweed can’t compete with it’s simple beauty. I suppose the important thing is that they have lots of food sources.

IMG_0185 copy.jpg

You can spot the butterfly right in the centre of the photo. He wouldn’t let me get closer for a more flattering picture

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