Amaryllis, the perfect Christmas gift

I was given my first amaryllis by my garden friend sometime in 2016. The bloom was so stunning that I bought two in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2017.

IMG_7434 copy.jpg

My first amaryllis. It has a single flower stalk with two simple but elegant blooms

They are such showy plants that I decided to give a few as gifts last Christmas. The recipients loved them! When I explained that the bulb would bloom next year, they were eager to learn how to make this happen. Here’s a simple explanation.

I have bulbs with white, dark red (“wine”) and pink blooms. My favorite is the pink. The richness and warmth of the large blooms make me happy! I gave my dad a pink one and my mom a white one. You can’t go wrong, really.

IMG_9223 copy.jpg

Which do you prefer, wine or pink?

IMG_20181217_220714 copy.jpg

This ‘double white’ amaryllis has layers of petals that make it look almost fluffy

I tend to look for plants with two flower stalks (why get one when you can get two?) to get more blooms.

IMG_9215 copy.jpg

This one has two flower stalks. Each stalk has 4 blooms!

IMG_20181126_084058 copy.jpg

Really nice when they open

Although more bang for your buck, I’ve found that multiple blooms are too heavy for their stalk so they tend to fall over, regardless of if they are kept in their plastic pots or planted in another pot. No biggie, just cut off the flowers and enjoy them in a vase.

IMG_20181203_082349 copy.jpg

The elastic band helped to balance the weight of the stalks in an upright position, until one set of blooms starting fading, causing the entire plant to tip over onto the floor

Once you separate the flower stalk from the plant, the leaves will grow to full size and you can enjoy it as a house plant.

IMG_8408 copy.jpg

Still enjoyable without any blooms!

Cut off the leaves as they fade and when they are all gone, store the bulb in a cool dry place. It can be stored in its plastic pot or separately. I like to remove them from the soil when it comes from the store and add the bulb to fresh soil when I replant it.

IMG_20180621_135322 copy.jpg

Bulb replanted after being stored for several months. It will grow new leaves and flower stalks and eventually bloom again

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