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Wild raspberries

I was up at the garden last week with my brother in the wee hours of a Sunday morning when a local pointed out a wild raspberry bush on the other side of the fence from our community garden. She said the land didn’t belong to anyone and therefore the raspberries were available to everyone.  As I helped myself to a few, she said, “leave some for me!” They are small and tart but tasty.

Wild raspberry bush

We have wild strawberries growing in the community areas of our gardens (I forget what kind). Not quite ready yet, but so cute. I picked a couple a few weeks ago and was surprised by how incredibly sweet they were! Very small but packing a big punch.Wild is definitely better than that grocery store crap that just tastes like water.


Pure sugary bliss!

My brother planted a lone strawberry he found sitting on a nearby plot in the top right corner of my plot (where I planted calendula, which are taking an incredibly long time to grow) in the hopes that it would produce a strawberry plant. I told him that you have to separate out and dry the seeds before you plant them. I don’t know how true that is. But nothing has grown yet. I’m wondering if maybe I might have pulled out a seedling by accident thinking it was a maple sapling (they pop up in my plot a lot, seeds floating down from a nearby tree).

I can’t believe this is my 3rd year here and I haven’t noticed these things!

Cherry tree

On our way to the subway, my brother showed me a cherry tree on private property. The branches hung over the sidewalk. He managed to jump up and get me one (after several tries).  For his hard work,  I let him have it.

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