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Desert rose update

Two notes:

  • 100% germination (YES!!! I’m sure soaking the seeds for more than 12 hours made the difference)
  • Leaves are appearing!
IMG_8330 dgt.jpg

I gently lifted off some of the seed heads to reveal the leaves. You have to be careful with this or you could accidentally take off the leaves (I know from experience). Not sure why the one on the left is so pale. The leaves laying on the soil are from a string of bananas plant. Hoping it will make roots.




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Desert rose sprouts!

I’m squealing with delight!!!

I soaked my desert rose seeds for about 24 hours as the video I’m following recommended and planted them in Schultz seed starting mix with perlite. It was mostly a 50-50 mix to ensure good drainage, but I may have added an extra handful of seed starting mix; when I watered the soil before I added the seeds it didn’t drain as quickly as it should have. And I still planted the seeds!

IMG_8272 dgt

After 12 hours of soaking, 8 out of 9 seeds had sunk to the bottom. In the end, the last seed joined the rest. Soaking seeds speeds up germination. If they sink to the bottom they are more likely to germinate.

Since planting the seeds in less than adequately draining soil, I’ve been stressing over whether or not the seedlings would get root rot before I’m able to transplant them (the video mentioned doing this when the plants have 6 leaves).

Within 1 to 2 days, the seeds sprouted!!! At this point (about 3 days later) 6 out of 9 seeds have germinated, as far as I can see.

IMG_8282 dgt


IMG_8283 dgt

I put plastic over the pot to create a humid environment and pointed a swivel-headed student desk lamp over it for a few hours at night. You can see the beads of moisture on the plastic. Once seeds started sprouting, I lifted up the plastic a bit to allow good air circulation.

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Have you ordered seeds online?

I don’t usually order seeds online but I really wanted a desert rose. I was seeing so many beautiful ones being posted on my Facebook gardening groups that I started looking into where I could get one of my own.

I discovered they would be available in Ontario in April, but I haven’t seen any in the flower shops that I go to and I asked at my local and they don’t get them. So I asked my friend who was putting in an order on Amazon to add it for me.

They arrived last week and now I’m a bit nervous that they won’t germinate. I think this stems from the fact that my friend ordered them for me, forged payment, and I promised her one of plants . The seller had a perfect germination rate until recently (I was nervous before I read this). Hope that’s not a bad sign.

IMG_8102 dgt

It only took a couple of weeks to arrive. I expected it in August.

IMG_8103 dgt

Feeling excited that I got an extra seed (the site promised 8).

I’ve started watching a few videos and reading a few articles. Both reinforced that the key to successful germination is using fresh seeds. So I should plant them asap.

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