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Deciphering flowers

It’s always tricky when you plant seeds for the first time and you don’t really know what the plants look like as seedlings. It can be hard to distinguish a weed from a new plant so I often find myself pulling up things that I later regret in a frenzy to stay on top of the weeds.

IMG_8165 dgt.jpg

The mystery bunch. Some I’ve since identified as butterfly milkweed (left), some sunflowers (right) and easily recognized basil (top right).

I planted some butterfly milkweed I picked up at Urban Harvest and some scabiosa seeds from one of my plot neighbours. She had some really dark ones that I found very striking.


IMG_6546 dgt

Scabiosa pin cushion from a neighbour’s garden last year

IMG_8166 dgt.jpg

She tells me these are the scabiosa I planted.

Rather than growing veggies, she grows flowers specifically for cuttings. She tells me some flowers don’t really do well as cuttings, like the calendula and cornflower I always plant. I’ve taken my sunflowers  home and even bought them from the farmers market. Although they do hold up for a while, I find they get sticky with sap and harbour bugs.

IMG_6430 dgt

Calendula doesn’t last long as a cut flower. It also oozes a sticky sap that makes it messy but sought after for salves or other personal care items.

IMG_6453 dgt

You can see the sap oozing from the head, and a tiny insect on the leaves. The pollen coming out of the back flower is interesting to behold, but with no bees to harvest it, it ends up making a mess when it falls. Beautiful to look at though.

IMG_6652 dgt.jpg

Zinnias make great cut flowers. I got these at the farmers market last year.

My garden friend gave me some dahlias. Looking forward to seeing what they look like when they bloom.

IMG_7819 dgt.jpg

Dahlias, with evidence of  pests digging for roots (probably squirrels).


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