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Time to leave the nest

Apparently one of the baby kalachoes decided it was time to leave the warm bosom of its mother and set out on its own.

IMG_8286 dgt

Just below the mother plant is a baby donkey tail (it looks like the one in the background). To the right of it is one of two babies that was on the mother plant.

I’ve seen so many mother-of-thousands with thousands of babies sitting on the mother plant’s leaves at one time. This one only has two and they’re already stating to drop off.

I keep saying it, but I really am surprised by how fast this plant seems to be progressing, even though it’s really small.

IMG_8288 dgt

Perspective on how small the mother-of-thousands really is


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Babies having babies!

Really surprised to discover this morning that my tiny kalanchoe (mother of millions) is starting to make babies!

IMG_8137 dgt

Must be happy

I’m not sure if this is normal but I figure it must be a good sign that the plant is healthy and happy in its current conditions.

IMG_8134 dgt

The donkey tail leaf near the bottom gives a bit of perspective

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Baby mother-of-thousands

My friend and I have been buying plants from Grow Something for about two years. The owner has seen my friend pregnant with her first child, held him as a baby, and entertained him as a toddler while she was pregnant with her second child.

A few months ago we went with him (sadly (for me), but practically leaving her second child at home) for more plants. The owner gave him a baby Kalanchoe (Mother of thousands or Mexican Hat variety) that had fallen off the mother plant. I noticed that he dropped it so I picked it up, intending to grow it and present it to him when it was bigger.

It was really tiny at the time, now it’s about the size of the pad of my thumb (thought I had a pic of its original size, but can’t seem to find it).

IMG_7867 dgt

Baby mother of thousands (Bryophyllum daigremontianum). Sedum morganianum (donkey or burro’s tail) leaf in the background.

I’ve had it on a west facing window, fertilizing with diluted kelp meal once a month as I do with my other plants, and it’s been doing well.

I’m not sure when I intend to give it back to him. Perhaps I’ll let it get big enough to have babies (wonder how long that would take?). That might make it more interesting for him, and it gives me more time to enjoy its growth.

I also bought the following:

IMG_7411 dgt

Another air plant (tillandsia)

IMG_7410 dgt

A jellybean plant (Sedum rubrotinctum)

IMG_7409 dgt

string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

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