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Much ado about mulching

This year I feel like a proper gardener because I’ve mulched my plots for the first time during the growing season. Last fall I began the trend: adding manure at the end of the season and mulching with fallen leaves lying around my plot.

IMG_20161105_120358 dgt.jpg

Looks much better than having it bare all winter. The leaves will break down and add organic mater to the soil.

I scored a bale of straw from my plot neighbour who was replacing her straw border. I’ve used about half the bale already, between my community garden and my friend’s allotment.

IMG_7374 dgt.jpg

Bare plot at the beginning of the season with garlic and thyme bush (that looks dead) at the back and calendula next to the straw bale.

I think my plot looks really professional with the straw. One of my plot neighbours mulches with leaves he collects during the season. I’ve read that you can also use weeds as mulch, but you have to ensure they don’t have any seed heads, or you’d just be adding to the problem.

IMG_7663 dgt.jpg

Just imagine how bare this space would look without the straw mulch

Mulching has many benefits, the best (in my opinion) being weed control. My friend’s allotment plot has a huge weed problem. My brother and I have been pulling weeds but they inevitably return, especially with all the rain we’ve been having.

IMG_8209 dgt.jpg

Nicely mulched herb garden at the allotment

I’ve been hauling straw down by hand to manage the herb garden and the zucchini bed. Not sure I have enough for the tomato and pepper bed. I’m thinking I should save the straw for the my plot rather than the allotment (I’m not sure we’ll have it next year). Perhaps I could try weeds; there’s no end of them down there.

IMG_8214 dgt.jpg

Endless weeds. This space was in pretty good shape a few weeks ago but didn’t mulch it. Now it’s back to square one.

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