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Root or worm?

Sadly, I think it was a root.

I was fertilizing my succulents with kelp meal when I noticed this thing on the base of the orchid my garden friend gave me.┬áIt looked like a worm and it was pointing upwards along the base — why would a root do that? Roots grow outwards.

IMG_8314 dgt

The top of this mystery thing looked a bit like a mouth

I used a chopstick to gently poked at it and it came off. It didn’t look like it was moving (I looked for a while). I can see where it came out of the plant so I think it was a root.

And then I noticed a similar, but not quite the same, looking bunch of them following the path of one of the branches. I left them alone.

IMG_8326 dgt

These definitely look like young roots, not worms

I actually tossed out a similar bunch that were just sitting on the soil. Unless they came off of the other branch really easily. Argh!

In my defense, I had to make a judgment call. You can’t give a worm any leeway or they’ll devour or suck the life out of your plant. Lesson learned.



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I’ve never been too interested in orchids. I always thought they were too much work. But my colleague bought a mini white plant around Mother’s day and I found it really appealing. Another colleague had a mini in her office that her mom bought her years ago, also very cute.

Recently my garden friend gave me a Dendrobium Kingianum, which she described as “a lithophytic (grows on rocks) orchid from Australia”. It’s supposed to flower during the winter months so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it hasn’t done anything since I got it.

IMG_8140 dgt

I’m having a hard time keeping the really bent one in the soil while keeping it tied to the stick

I bought myself two minis at Metro last month. I thought they were $5.99, but when I got to the counter they were actually $9.99. I decided to treat myself.

IMG_7963 dgt

Many in bloom with more to go when I first bought them

IMG_8108 dgt

Some blooms are starting to fade

IMG_8110 dgt.jpg

IMG_8111 dgt

Wonder if this flower will make a seed pod?

I have no idea how to care for them beyond what was provided on the tag. Thank goodness for Facebook groups (there are a bunch for orchid enthusiasts).

IMG_8139 dgt.jpg


My brother says he’s been smelling a lovely flower scent at night. There’s nothing else on my plant table that has flowers so I think it’s the orchids. However, I can’t smell anything when I sniff up close. Mysterious.

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