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Circle of life

As predicted, my recently bloomed air plant is starting to make a pup!!!

IMG_8452 dgt.jpg

When old enough, the pup will bloom, produce pups of its own, and die. Circle of life.

I excited showed my discovery to my mom and sister, telling them that the mother plant would die after making pups. My sister said, “that’s so sad”; I said, bluntly, “that’s life.” And we were silent for a moment, as if sharing in some profound realization.

Maybe people are drawn to plants because they mirror our experience of life and death. Hopefully in life, much like these plants that bring us such joy, we blossom and bloom before our time is up.

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Tillandsia in full bloom

I’ve been checking every day since I last posted. Morning and evening to see it’s progress.

IMG_8022 dgt

First bloom

IMG_8066 dgt

Two blooms about a day later

IMG_8068 dgt

Interesting to examine the different parts of the flower up close. Had to think back to grade 10 science class. Could only remember the stamen but in the end had to look up which parts were which (pistel white, stamen yellow)

Finally all 3 flowers were in bloom yesterday.

IMG_8070 dgt

So glad I got to capture it in full glory

Today the blooms are already fading.

IMG_8085 dgt.jpg

I was very sad to read that they only bloom once in their life-cycle! But I guess the good news is that it will start to make pups!! Really looking forward to that.

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Baby mother-of-thousands

My friend and I have been buying plants from Grow Something for about two years. The owner has seen my friend pregnant with her first child, held him as a baby, and entertained him as a toddler while she was pregnant with her second child.

A few months ago we went with him (sadly (for me), but practically leaving her second child at home) for more plants. The owner gave him a baby Kalanchoe (Mother of thousands or Mexican Hat variety) that had fallen off the mother plant. I noticed that he dropped it so I picked it up, intending to grow it and present it to him when it was bigger.

It was really tiny at the time, now it’s about the size of the pad of my thumb (thought I had a pic of its original size, but can’t seem to find it).

IMG_7867 dgt

Baby mother of thousands (Bryophyllum daigremontianum). Sedum morganianum (donkey or burro’s tail) leaf in the background.

I’ve had it on a west facing window, fertilizing with diluted kelp meal once a month as I do with my other plants, and it’s been doing well.

I’m not sure when I intend to give it back to him. Perhaps I’ll let it get big enough to have babies (wonder how long that would take?). That might make it more interesting for him, and it gives me more time to enjoy its growth.

I also bought the following:

IMG_7411 dgt

Another air plant (tillandsia)

IMG_7410 dgt

A jellybean plant (Sedum rubrotinctum)

IMG_7409 dgt

string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

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Tillandsia bloom update

More exciting news! The flower bud on my air plant is getting bigger!

IMG_7952 dgt

Love that purple flower!

A fine end to the day!

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Tillandsia bloom!

I’m so excited! I noticed that my tillandsia (air plant) has a tiny little flower just waiting to bloom!

IMG_7896 dgt

Love the pink leaves and tiny purple flower! Can’t wait for it to bloom!

The leaves just turned pink recently. I bought it about 2 years ago from Grow Something and I’ve had it on a west facing windowsill except for when it’s winter and too cold to be on the sill. As instructed, I soak it once a week in water (ideally it would be rain water) that’s been sitting for 24 hours. I also fertilize once a month with kelp meal that I got from Urban Harvest during the growing season when I fertilize my other houseplants. This regime seems to be paying off!

I bought a new air plant last month. Hope it will bloom in due course.

IMG_7880 dgt

Air plants enjoying the sun!

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