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Christmas miracle?

Since when do plant cuttings flower?!

I grabbed some cuttings of a wandering jew from a restaurant near my workplace a few weeks ago. I saw it while walking back from a holiday market with a colleague. I went back the next day with my trusty shears and just asked if I could take some cuttings (I may have said “a cutting”). I don’t think the hostess knew what to say; she’d probably never been faced with such a question. I took about 10 cuttings. The plant was pretty scraggly, actually; I did them a favour by cleaning it up a bit.

IMG_9192 copy.jpg

I like this purple variegated variety

IMG_9198 copy.jpg

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I expect cuttings to put all their energy into making roots to secure and feed themselves, but to flower?! A definite surprise.

IMG_9268 copy.jpg

A tiny blue flower forming on the right

IMG_9273 copy.jpg

I’ll have to read up on care.

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